How to Repair Telecom Lines and Keep Your Sanity

If you have ever made a service call, learning to reduce stress on service calls is the key. If you want to be a successful improvement person, you only need to remember one thing. Start from scratch! Save lots of hours of wasted time. Think about the problem and do some testing. Have a picture in your mind of how the items you are troubleshooting are connected.

Most telephone systems are connected to the outside world through several types of interfaces. There are the following:

RJ21x Jack
JJm1x Jack
Network Interface
Bank Channels
Lightning protection equipment and other interface equipment

It’s best to install a “demarcation point” where you can remove the equipment inside and test the outer path. Many things can go wrong outside because the lines and transport equipment are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Usually static on the telephone on all telephone lines means there is an outside problem. An exception to this is if there are jacks installed in damp or even outside areas that can oxidize and cause major static problems on all telephone devices.

If there is static on only one set of telephones, the first thing to check is a good curling cable (the cable that switches from the telephone set to the handset). It experiences a lot of pressure every day. The copper stranded inside the end of the cable just before you get to the plastic connector can break internally and the act of shaking the cable during the conversation causes static. If you contact a telephone operator to see if the problem is with you, you need to follow a series of simple protocols:

First give the name or business name and address. You need to know the telephone number you are calling (businesses can have lots)
Ask them to test certain lines. If they say it’s their problem, then that’s usually the problem. Let them go ahead and fix it
If this test is not convincing or they say the problem is yours, it might still be their problem, you might need to do a little more problem solving
Don’t allow them to send repair workers unless you are sure that the problem is with them because it can cause some unwanted service costs